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MAQE Homework Challenge - Template and Styling

Time: about 60 minutes recommended.

Recreate the following reference image in HTML and CSS using a templating library.


You can use any markup, styles and layout method necessary, but you must use these JSON files as your data source: authors and posts.

You must use a template library. Either a standalone library or one that is a part of a framework.

Also, links do not have to function at all. The pagination and any other links are for display only.

Programming Language

If you are applying as a Back End Engineer definitely use a back end language. (MAQE uses PHP primarily, but feel free to use whichever language you're most comfortable with.) Frameworks are OK too.

If you are applying as a Front End Engineer please use Javascript and a JS templating library (like Handlebars.js, etc.) Frameworks are OK too.

If you are applying as a a Fullstack Engineer feel free to do one or both of the above.

Click the image for full-size version.

Feel free to use the internet to look up any coding references, but please do not ask anyone else for help. We want to see how you code.

When you have finished all required tests email your completed files (including your resume and cover letter) to recruit@maqe.com.