MAQE Homework Challenges

Welcome to the MAQE Engineering candidate testing area.

If you wish to apply as an Engineer at MAQE please follow the instructions below and do the appropriate set of tests.

When you have finished all the required steps email your completed files, resume and cover letter to

Our hiring process

We have a three step process for hiring developers at MAQE:

  1. Homework challenges
  2. Code samples or an on-site test
  3. Team interview

Step one is the homework challenges below. The tests are designed to be relatively simple and easy to do, and should take no more than a couple of hours of your time.

For step two we will ask to see samples of your work OR we can arrange an on-site test (in cases where someone does not have code online or which cannot be shared). The on-site test takes a couple of hours and is an extension of the homework challenges. Note: for more senior candidates code samples are preferred and appreciated.

Step three is a final team interview in our office.

If you are applying as a Back End Engineer or DevOps Engineer please do the following tests:

If you are applying as a Front End Engineer please do the following tests:

If you are applying as a QA Engineer please do the following tasks:

We do not have dedicated Fullstack Engineer positions at MAQE but if you are interested in showing us your full range of skills you can do the following tests. Also please tell us in your cover letter if you are more Back End or Front End since that affects our hiring process.